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Stay Safe & Beat The Heat In 3 Easy Steps! 
Simply fold Cool Carats flat & 
freeze overnight – 12 hours later, you & baby are ready to roll!  
Remove your child before placing Cool Carats on the empty seat, fabric side down, to activate cooling power while you’re away. 
Take cooler off the seat before securing your little one for a safe, comfy, refreshing ride home! 

Advanced Design Beats the Heat Everytime
Eliminate Hot Car Seats & Risk of Heat Exhaustion


On a hot summer day, the parts of a car seat reach up to 170 degrees. 

This heat from metal buckles, vinyl, plastic and cloth car seat surfaces can cause discomfort, serious burns even put children at risk of heat exhaustion. Until now! COOLTECH solves the problem and eliminates this serious problem.

Now you won’t ever have to worry about putting your kids in a hot car seat again! 
When Baby’s Happy, Mommy’s Happy
Chill Out with Cool Carats Today!  
Created With Love 
By One Cool Mom! 
Cool Carats™ LLC was started by a mom, Julie Yang, who wanted to provide cooling mechanisms for the 
summer heat. 

Frustrated by the lack of cooling products to help keep her infant daughter from getting burned and staying cool, she set out to develop her own cooling devices. 

Julie's passion and love for her daughter inspired her to make cooling products, including the car seat cooler available for all parents to help protect what they 
love the most!